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WWE NXT - 10th April 2014 - Full Sail University, Orlando, Fl

Apologies for not posting an NXT blog for the past couple of weeks. Really just needed to get away from writing to enjoy some me time for a while but after a two week sobatical, I'm back. Did ya miss me? I'm only kidding.

Firstly, I must note that NXT has a new commentator who's name is Rich Brennan. The first thing I thought when I heard his voice is "where the bloody hell is Tom Phillips?" Brennan did a good job though though for my liking and good luck to him moving forward with his role.

This past week, NXT kicked off with the eccentirc Adam Rose, who will be making his main roster debut sometime in the near future. Rose came out to the ring in his usual party fashion and his opponent was England's Danny Birch. Rose is massively over with the crowd, who for a portion of the match were singing his entrance music. That's when you know you're getting over is when the crowd is all over your music. But then, Fandango had that for a while and now look where he is...

Rose won a fairly quick match with an elbow drop from the second rope and I thought that finish made Birch look incredibly weak. I know he's going to be on to job to put people over but he's a good wrestler and a good fighter and to have him lose to a middle rope elbow drop is incredibly poor in my opinion. That's not me taking anything away from the former Leo Kruger, just I think he needs a more believable finisher. Maybe start using the GC3 again? That was a wicked submission that brought him a lot of wins on NXT under the Kruger gimmick. I know the Adam Rose character is more about having fun and not being as pinfully aggressive, but you do need a believable finisher to get over on the main roster.

I think moving him up now is incredibly rushed and Kinny said it right this past week on the Sunday Segue Podcast (@SundaySegue on Twitter) that WWE just needed to do something to get him onto the main roster. As Kinny mentioned this past week, under the Leo Kruger gimmick he was a two time FCW Champion, which to me says that they're sold on him in the ring but they just needed the right character to fast track him onto the main roster. What some people may not realise is that he's turning 35 in July and you kind of feel that if he's not called up now and is left lingering in NXT for the next 6-12 months, I think you'd see his future endeavoured. The only thing I'm wondering is what they can do with him at his age to make him relavent for the next few years because he won't be there for too many years at his age. Which is a shame because he's a hell of a wrestler in my opinion. Anyway, fingers crossed he has a decent run on Raw and SmackDown and we get a star born out of this.

Up next, the lovely Devin Taylor has an update for us on Sami Zayn's condition from last week. Zayn's match was stopped by referee Shawn Bennett when Sami couldn't respond to Shawn's attempts to communicate with him. Bennett tells Devin that his number one priority is the safety and well being of the wrestlers when officiating a match and when Sami didn't respond, he had no choice but to call the match in favour of Corey Graves.

Devin has Corey with her next and she asks him if Corey considers the match against Sami last week a win after the match was stopped. Graves believes that some people will say that his win doesn't really count but just like how Barry Bonds is the undisputed home run king, he beat Sami Zayn and a win is a win. Corey tells Sami to rest up because they're just getting started.

One thing I'd like to say about Corey Graves. I didn't realise so many people disliked him and I really can't see why. Sure, there's always going to be the CM Punk comparison but to me that stops in the look. The characters are completely different where Punk was always a preach about his straight edge lifestyle, demands of respect and running his mouth (both on screen and off screen) whereas Graves is more of the quiet type and speaks up when he needs to. Their in ring styles are very different where Punk is more of a hybrid type of wrestler where he can fight most styles and Graves is more of a ground and pound kind of guy with a, in my opinion, better submission finisher than Punk. Any comments about this? Put something in the little box below or tweet me @AxelMulligan.

I'd like to take a brief moment to thank Devin Taylor. Each week I tweet her to say what a good job I think she does with her interviewing and that I appreciate what she doesn. Devin always replies seeming rather humbled and how she's not fed up of hearing it, I'll never know. Don't get me wrong, there are guys and gals that do a really good job, and generally I'll mention them in tweets to say how well I think their match went, or how well their promo went but Devin is one who replies each time without fail. The only one other than that was Natalya who didn't reply but she followed me. That was something I found very humbling, so if this blog reaches you Nattie and Devin, thanks very much. I think I speak for most, if not all fans, that when guys and girls in the business take their time to read and reply to our messages on social media, it's very humbling and makes us all feel proud to be fans of this wonderful sport.

Diva's action up next and we had a fun little match between Bayley and Sasha Banks. I've said it a million times before, Sasha continues to impress me the more she's in the ring. You can tell she works hard and takes her profession very seriously and as a fan there's nothing more that you can ask for in my opinion. She's aggressive, she's got a decent technical side and has a ton of character to work with and so far she's been brilliant. I'm hoping she'll be the one to take the NXT Women's Championship from Paige. Not that I want her to lose the title, but now that she's Diva's Champion, it seems very likely that she'll lose the NXT Women's Championship fairly soon.

Sasha is of course accompanied to the ring by Charlotte and her cut out of Summer Rae. Unfortunately, neither Charlotte or Summer could bring any good luck to Sasha as she lost once again to the over excited Bayley after the Bayley-to-Belly throw. I think the one thing they need to do in this feud is to start to even out the wins as Sasha and Charlotte seem to be getting buried by losing to Bayley and whoever she's best friends with in those weeks, whether it be Paige, Natalya or Emma. A loss for Bayley every now and then wouldn't hurt her, but the constant losses for Sasha and Charlotte could hurt them down the road.

Squash match up next and we have Sylvester LeFort taking on Mojo Rawley. I seriously can't stand this guy. I put it out on Twitter saying that I can't get hyped, let alone stay hyped for him. One comment returned from I believe it was Steve Dawson (@TopRopeElbow) who said he'd rather watch a Great Khali match, and that tells you a lot about Mojo if you've not seen him before. I'd call this match a piss break but it wasn't long enough for that. Rawley wins with the Hyper Drive...YAWN.

Post match is when it gets a bit more interesting. Brodus Clay comes down to the ring and destorys LeFort with a powerbomb and a second rope splash. He gets on the mic to seek out Adrian Neville. Brodus is fed up with being held back and feels he's deserving of an NXT Championship match, calling himself the "Main Event Playa". Neville comes out and tells Brodus that for a "Main Event Playa" he does a lot of complaining and moaning and tells Brodus the difference between them is that where Clay has had his opportunities, Neville isn't going to waste his. Brodus tells Adrian that "for such a little dog, you got a pretty big bark" to which Neville replied with "funny, because I thought you'd be taller". Both men have a brief face off before Brodus leaves telling Neville that it's going to happen in "my time".

That all seemed a little anti-climactic to me. Brodus looked like a fucking boss throughout but the last line of the promo from Adrian really should have led to something a little more in my opinion and just left it a bit empty. Brodus was great though on the mic, he really is such an under utilized talent who can be a hell of a lot more than he's probably ever going to be. I've seen the guy wrestle twice and he's a really good mover for a big guy. Hell, the first time I saw him, he was against Trent Barretta (Where's Trent?) and he was keeping pace with him. Anyone Brodus' size who can move the way he does and wrestle as well as he does is a special talent in my view.

Next, we go backstage once again to the lovely Devin Taylor and her guest is the returning Oliver Grey. Just as Oliver is going to talk about his return he's interrupted by Camacho, who's looking rather sharp in a suit. Camacho says that there is a poser amongst us...Adam Rose. OK, this isn't the way to do a promo. Camacho says that life isn't about partying and tells how he used to fight to survive one more day. Grey interrupts Camacho and suggests that he forgets about Adam Rose and challenges him to a match next week on NXT. Camacho agrees and the segment is over.

First and foremost, it's great to see Oliver Grey back. He's a really good talent and it's a shame he had his knee injury when he did because he and Adrian Neville had some really good momentum as NXT Tag Team Champions. Next, I'd love to know how this promo made sense. Let me break it down. We have a match between Oliver Grey and Camacho because Camacho interrupted Oliver's return to bitch about Adam Rose. I kind of felt bad for Devin Taylor being in amongst it because, although the delivery was really good, it made no sense in Camacho coming in to bitch about Adam Rose. Either way, as I said, it's great to see Oliver back and I'm looking forward to seeing his in ring return.

The leader of the Boliever's, Bo Dallas is out next, another man due for his main roster debut in the near future. Bo has the mic and tells how a lot of guys come out and say they're next in line for a shot at the title. No, at the moment there are only two, Bo. Yourself and Brodus Clay, and if you want to mess with that big ass dude, be my guest. Bo says that it's still Bo time and he's not scared to step to the back of the line but the voices of the Bolievers can't be silenced.

Dallas then talks about Daniel Bryan's Yes Movement and how when he occupied Raw he got a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, even though he's only a B+ player. That line was brilliant! Great way to get heat Bo! (That wasn't sarcastic, I thought that was simple, yet very effective.) Bo tells the fans that the Bo Movement is here and the Bolievers are going to "occupy NXT". Bo starts to flip his shit as the crowd turns there backs on him, literally, and a "NO" chant breaks out around Full Sail.

Bo can't "bolieve" (see what I did there?) the reaction of the crowd and says about how he gave the fans cookies and how he was the best champion the NXT Universe could've asked for for 280 days. Bo shouts "THIS STINKS!" and throws down the mic to go to ringside where he pleads with the fans saying that he did everything for them and that they're his Bolievers. Bo has a minor fit back in the ring. Not quite Christian from 2002, but a fit nonetheless. A loud "No more Bo" chant breaks out, which Bo, in amongst his tears, tries to change into a "Let's go Bo" chant.

Bo is mid temper tantrum when the music of the General Manager John "Bradshaw" Layfield hits. JBL comes out, without his hat, and rips on Bo. JBL tells Bo that it's the worst attempt at an "Occupy" that he's ever seen and tells Bo that he doesn't have enough people to occupy a seasaw! That was pretty funny. Bradshaw apologises and tells Bo that he was a great Champion. He makes a match, since Bo is ready to compete, between Dallas and South Africa's Justin Gabriel. I'm going to point out that Justin got a bloody good pop as well. Maybe he's what's "Best for business"?

Anyway, the match itself was enjoyable. Both men got their usual spots in and both looked very good. Gabriel is always impressive and Dallas has really come into his own in the ring over the past couple of months. I'm not saying that I'm a Boliever, but he's impressing me. Dallas won the match with his double underhook DDT, which is beginning to be a Bolieveable finisher for Bo Dallas. His promo here was really good as well. I really enjoyed it and Bo came across as a really good heel here. I've always been one to give credit where it's due to credit here to Bo Dallas for his work as of late.

That's this blog done and dusted. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. If you have any comments don't forget to let me know on Twitter @AxelMulligan or, alternatively, @DarrensRamble

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Marti Belle: Discussing Early Career and WSU Wrestling

Marti Belle arguably one of the best female wrestlers in the United States, competing for various independent wrestling promotions such as WUW, WSU, Shine, Shimmer Women Athletes, and NYWC. Many Indy Wrestling fans famously recognize Marti Belle from competing in Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) as former WSU World Tag Team Champion with Tina San Antonio, but Marti Belle truly made her mark defeating Jessicka Havoc in June 2012 to become WSU Spirit Champion.

Marti Belle defended her WSU Spirit Championship against all comers, and became the longest reigning WSU Spirit Champion in WSU History. Marti Belle is not only a tremendous wrestler but also has a detail acting and modeling background as well. “Marti Belle always had a passion for the arts, at the young age of 9 years old, Marti Belle begin acting; as she approached her teenage years she began dance and modeling. Marti Belle attended and graduated from the American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York City, New York. Marti Belle started concentrating on film, television, and stage while taking some more dance, stage combat and musical theater classes”( Credit:

Pro Wrestling Smark Talk several weeks ago had the honor of conducting a short interview with multi-talented Marti Belle discussing her early career, WSU Wrestling and finally discuss the controversy surrounding her WSU Spirit Championship lost against Ezavel Suena aka Niya Barela.

1). Marti, what inspired you to get involved in the wrestling Industry and where did you go to receive your training to become a professional wrestling?

Marti Belle: “I watched wrestling a lot as a child and I have always been into sports; I played varsity volleyball & varsity softball. I was also a dancer and went to school for acting, it was just the right transition. I began my wrestling training with the WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, NY.”

2). Marti was it tough for a woman like yourself to break through and become accepted during your professional wrestling training in Brooklyn?

Marti Belle: “No, I think everyone saw how hard I was willing to work and how I always got up no matter what they threw at me.”

3). Describe the first time you competed in actual professional wrestling match?

Mari Belle: “It was a mess! It was such a surreal moment finally doing something I loved so much and the adrenaline was pumping like crazy. I don’t think footage exists but if it did, I’m sure I could tear it apart with all the things I did wrong.”

4). Marti was it difficult transitioning from modeling/dancing/acting to professional wrestling?

Marti Belle: “Not really, I was accustomed to being in the spotlight as well as used to having to fight for a spot, it was difficult on my body but a lot of the other aspects are very similar.”

5). Marti, how did you come about receiving an opportunity competing for WSU Wrestling?

Marti Belle: “One of the people I trained with, Rick Cataldo worked for WSU and asked Tina San Antonio and myself if we’d want to team up since WSU was in need of tag teams, we jumped at the opportunity and the rest is history. “

6). Marti, you defeated Jessicka Havok to become WSU Spirit Champion, which began your amazing long title reign, describe your most memorable feud and match during your WSU Spirit Championship Reign?

Marti Belle: “The only real feud I had was with Ezavel SueƱa and my favorite match was our last one where I lost the title, it was hard fought and hard hitting.”

7). Marti, I have to ask you about what took place at WSU Mutiny between yourself and Ezavel Suena aka Niya Barela, did you feel betrayed by Niya Barela occupying different identify and misleading the entire WSU Locker Room?

Marti Belle: “Of course I did, I always thought of Niya as a good friend, and thought she could have gone about things differently.”

8). According to WSU Wrestling History, Niya Barela should not be part of the company, do you think Niya Barela should return the WSU Spirit Championship to you; also have WSU Management approach you about this situation after WSU Mutiny.

Marti Belle: “No, I think I need to beat her and get it back, I don’t like things to be handed to me, I work hard for everything I gain.”

9). Marti, Niya Barela during a recent interview with PW Smark Talk's Smark Chat several weeks ago stated she always respected you and you always been courteous towards her. Marti do you have anything to say to Niya Barela the new WSU Spirit Champion?

Marti Belle: “Just to watch her back, I had a lot of respect for her as well and that all changed when she did what she did.”

10). Marti any upcoming Indy Wrestling Dates?

Marti Belle: “These dates change so often that the best way to keep up is to go to my Facebook fan page.”

11). How can fans reach you via social media?

Marti Belle: “You can find me at or”

Special Note: If you want to read more articles from Pro Wrestling Smark Talk please go to our blog page  Pro Wrestling Smark Talk has latest following articles: The Movement #WeAreChikara, Andrew D’Arcy Discussing Bluewater Championship Wrestling and Xtreme Bombshells of Wrestling, Jenny Rose Interview, and Hikaru Shida Interview. 
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WWE NXT - 20th March 2014

A good show this past week for NXT. Some decent enough and competitive matches and segments to build up to next weeks "Vengeance" edition of NXT. Also, we had a special appearance from Sheamus, a guy who's always loved in NXT. Probably more than he's loved by the fans on the main roster to be fair.

The show kicked off with "The Hype Man", Mojo Rawley, and his opponent was Bull Dempsey. To be fair to him, Bull looked impressive. Very physical, hard hitting, athletic and strong. Obviously he was just bait for Mojo here though and "The Hype Man" won a relatively quick match with his "Hyper Drive" finisher. It appeared as though Mojo had some fans in the crowd, one of whom was Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots. Mojo celebrated in the crowd with his friends post match.

I'm still not a fan of Mojo and I don't think I will be any time soon. I just don't get the pun intended. Sure, he's filled with energy and he's got power and speed, but what else does he have right now? He's severely lacking in wrestling ability and his mic skills aren't that good either. Still, he's young enough and has time to develop and I hope he proves me wrong in everything I've said. If he does though, I just can't see it being at any stage in the near future.

Backstage we have my WWE crush Devin Taylor and her host CJ Parker. Devin asks how CJ feels about his defeat to Mojo at NXT Arrival. CJ says that he's shocked and sickened and that he's not talking about Mojo's in ring ability. At least someone agrees with me! CJ's referring to Mojo's lifestyle choice of "I don't get hyped. I stay hyped". CJ tells Devin that Mojo is full of "genetically modified, highly processed, empty calorie fast foods" and that Rawley is the kind of guy who would pull up in a drive-thru, order ten double cheeseburgers, burp and then throw the wrappers out of the window. In one week, CJ says he will humanely dispose of Mojo Rawley as he drops a scrunched up piece of paper into a recycling bin.

Brilliant! I'm really starting to like CJ's character. It's kind of like CM Punk in a way where he can get heat for his "way of life" or educate people as a babyface. His delivery here was spot on in my opinion, which is probably an unpopular opinion. He's better suited on the mic as a heel in my opinion because he can have a sense of viciousness in his voice but as a babyface he's a bit too happy-go-lucky in his mannerisms. I'm starting to like heel CJ. If he could work on his in ring ability and just bump his promo work up to a higher level, we could quite easily have the next CM Punk on our hands. I mean that in terms of how he can get his heat or get the fans behind him during promo's and not his standing in the company.

Up next we have Tyler Breeze taking on Sami Zayn...or do we? Tyler makes his way out first followed by Sami. Sami was then followed by Corey Graves who threw Sami head first into the ring post hard. Regal was great on commentary here. Sami was doing his usual high fives to the kids in the audience and he asked about the mindset of Corey Graves; attacking Sami when he was high fiving a little girl. Saxton's retort was great as well saying how Graves doesn't care if Sami is high fiving little girls. A few referee's came out to ringside to get rid of Corey and Sami was assessed by a doctor before being taken to the back.

I really like what they're doing with these two. As I've said before, these are the two men in NXT most ready to step up to the main roster. Everyone loves Sami A) because of his character and how likeable of a person he comes across as on screen, B) his fantastic in ring ability and willingness to win, and C) his days in the indy's. Graves is a master at working a crowd. Obviously not to the level of a guy like Chris Jericho or a guy like Steve Austin, but given time, he could easily be there. It's all about timing in professional wrestling and how you work yourself in situations where you need to get a crowd reaction and Corey Graves is better than anyone in NXT right now at doing that.

We're back stage once again with the lovely (and she is lovely) Devin Taylor. Her guest this time is "The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus. Devin welcomes Sheamus back to NXT and asks him what it's like to be back where it all started for him. Sheamus says it feels magic to be back before he's interrupted by the only man I know of that can sing a cough, Aiden English. Aiden introduces himself as the man who's using NXT as a stepping stone to the brighter lights of Broadway. Sheamus cracks a joke by saying that it's funny Aiden should mention stones as by the sound of his voice, his stones haven't dropped yet. Sheamus says he's going to speak to his old "mate" JBL to put that to bed tonight.

The Adam Rose experience is up next and Rene Young is on commentary. Oh God! Seriously, the flirting between her a Regal makes me want to puke. There's no room for that shit at the table. What saddens me the most about it is that Regal is a class act on commentary aside from when this shit comes up. Seriously, stop with the God damn flirting. It's annoying when I'm trying to enjoy a wrestling match.

Anyway, Adam Rose's opponent was Camacho. I swear this guy has muscles on top of his muscles. A relatively short match but very evenly matched and both guys looked good. This Adam Rose character will end up going places it would seem. He's had two matches on NXT and he's more over than most of the roster down there. The guy can wrestle too, and he's proved that when he was under the Leo Kruger gimmick and now under the Adam Rose guise. He picked up the win here again with his running Lariat. He once again had his usual after match party, much to the delight of the crowd. Entertaining stuff.

Up next was the match that was teased last week between Sasha Banks and Bayley. I said it on Twitter on the weekend when I watched the show that Sasha impresses me more and more each time she's in the ring. She's athletic, agile and very technically gifted. Sasha dominated a large portion of the match here but unfortunately couldn't pick up the win. Bayley was down on the outside of the ring. Charlotte went over to her, stalking her to an extent but didn't get physically involved. Nattie, who was in Bayley's corner, went in to make sure no funny business went on. Bayley climbed back into the ring and Charlotte took out Nattie with a cheap shot to the ribs. Sasha attempted a roll up on Bayley who countered into one of her own to pick up the win.

It's main event time and we have "The Artiste" Aiden English out first, singing his way to the ring as he usually does. Sheamus got a great pop when he came out, one of the biggest pops I've heard in NXT for a little while now. Aiden kept the mic in hand and pointed out that a few people in the arena know of Sheamus. More than just a few Aiden with that pop. Aiden reiterated his point from earlier when he said about using the company to get to the "brighter lights of Broadway".

Sheamus, not looking impressed took the mic from Aiden and asked the fans if anyone thinks Aiden will make it on Broadway and there was a bit of a mixed reaction. More against Aiden than for him though. Sheamus realises that Aiden enjoys to sing as he heard his entrance and listened to him bursting the ear drums of the audience. Aiden told everyone that in Ireland they celebrate with singing and wanted to share an Irish song with the NXT Universe. A small "No" chant broke out. Sheamus got the crowd to break out with a clap as he started to sing Irish Rover. Aiden took the mic from Sheamus and said he's the only one who can sing in NXT. Sheamus snatched the mic back to continue singing until he was knocked from the ring by Aiden, much to the delight of William Regal.

The match itself was really good and really competitive. It seems that Aiden is a very good "go to" guy whenever a main roster talent comes down to NXT. He had a decent match with Van Dam a few months back and had an even better match this past week. Both men were very physical, very competitive and fought very hard. The match was won in typical Sheamus style with the Brogue Kick after a decent 10 minute contest.

Say what you want about Sheamus, and I know there are a lot of people, myself included, who dislike him as a babyface. There's two things you can't dispute about him. The first thing is that he's a real company guy. He wrestles on every show, he works all house shows that he needs to and doesn't mind going down to NXT. The second thing is that he consistently has good matches. I always say to people whenever they moan about him to point out a bad match that he's had over the last few years. If you can, then show me because I don't remember seeing a bad match from him. I do think he's a natural heel though and his babyface character has more than run its course.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Monday Night RAW 3/17/14

The show starts with Triple H coming down to the ring and gives a promo on Daniel Bryan and WrestleMania. Batista intrupts Triple H and makes it clear he is not happy at all with the possiblity of a 3 way. Randy Orton then comes out and states he agree's with Batista. They both then start arguing over something and Triple H starts to leave the ring. Once he is threw the ropes of the ring Batista notices and stops him demanding that he fix this problem. Triple H then says he is sick of Daniel Bryan and The whole Yes Movement, he is sick of hollywood movie stars coming back for one thing and he's sick of gifted wrestlers that are so messed up in the head they can't win a match with out him (Triple H) holding their hand. He then announces that no matter what the WrestleMania match will be a 3 way with either Daniel Bryan or himself as the third person.

Reene Young tries to talk to Batista who walks off saying he quits.

Match 1: Titus O'Neal vs Sheamus

I was kinda board with this match and I don't really have anything to say about it. Wasn't impressed or entertained by it at all.

Winner: Sheamus

In ring interview between Reene Young and Sheamus. Christian (who was at commentary) attacks Sheamus as he's getting out of the ring.

John Cena comes out and does a promo on Bray Wyatt and WrestleMania. On the big screen Bray Wyatt and the family come on while Bray goes on with the promo.

Match 2: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton No DQ match

This match was amazing I think it may have stole the show and probably should have been the main event. In the fianl moments of the match Batist comes out and spears Randy Orton, then turns to Daniel Bryan only to get the running knee. Daniel then pins Randy and gets the win. Daniel leaves the ring and Batista gets back in. Batista then gives Randy Orton a "Batistabomb"

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Paul Heyman comes out gives a promo on The Undertaker and his WrestleMania streak and then shows a viedo package.
Triple H and Steph have a backstage office segment where they are arguing over the results of last week.

Kane goes to the ring and calls out Jerry "The King" Lawler as the reason the whole Occupy RAW situation went down last week. Jerry denies and refuses to get in the ring. The Shield come out and make Jerry get in the ring. Jerry is cornered surrounded by The Shield while Kane says that they have known eachother a long time and that it pains him that he has to punish him for his actions but its whats best for business. Kane then asks if Jerry as anything to say. He doesn't say anything and Seth (who has a mic) tells Jerry that the Shield always does whats best for business and then the Shield turn and stare at Kane. Jerry gets out of the ring and The Shield then attack Kane. A Shield face turn (I think yes.).

Match 3: Big Show, Big E, Mark Henrey, & Dolph Ziggler vs Curtis Axel, Ryback, Alberto Del Rio & Damian Sandow

I am pretty sure  this was just a filler match. Not mutch to say all 8 of the competitors got to be in the match at one time and each got to show their own set of moves.

Winners: Big Show, Big E, Mark Henrey & Dolph Ziggler

Reene interviews Batista again about the WrestleMania match and how he feels that now no matter what happens with the Triple H/Daniel Bryan match it will be a 3 way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Match 4: Kofi Kingston vs Bray Wyatt

Not mutch to say about this match it was really quick.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Triple H comes back down to the ring to call out Daniel Bryan and have a man to man convorsation with him.Triple H goes on to say that at WrestleMania neither man will have anything to appologize for because they both are going to beat the hell out of eachother. He goes on to say that he is suprised that after all the shit he has thrown at Daniel Bryan he is still standing and not giving up. Triple H then says that Daniel Bryan has erarned his respect. Once Triple H said he respects Daniel Bryan, Stephanie comes out pissed off and says that she is now pressing charges on Daniel because of last week. A slew of cops go down to the ring. Triple H gets out and argues with Stephanie. The cops get Daniel on the ground and arrest him using force that was unnessiary. Triple H tells them to stop and back off that its not what he wants, especially since they aren't real cops. With Daniel on the matt handcuffed and defensless Triple H starts attacking him. This continues inside and outside the ring until the end of the show which ends with Triple H pedigreeing D-Bry and saying there is no Yes Movement.

Friday Night SmackDown 3/14/14


Show starts with Triple H coming out to the ring. He talks about the occupy RAW situation with Daniel Bryan and how now he has to end it. He then calls out Damian Sandow for a match and makes him appologize for not having his match on RAW.

Match 1: Damian Sandow vs Seth Rollins w/ Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

A good match despite a small mistake. It was a quick match. Control went back and forth a little with Seth Rollins having it for most of the match. After the match The Shield do their beat down followed by their triple powerbomb.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Match 2: Big E vs Fandango

Fandango takes control at the start of the match. However Big E takes control after a belly to belly suplex. The match is very quick and with the pin fall after using the Big Ending is Big E.

Winner: Big E

Bad New Barrett has a promo about the Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania and the bad news is that he will lose at this Wrestlemania and people's kids will be up all night crying about it.

Match 3: Rhodes Bothers vs The Real American's

Cesaro is a great wrestler and he is completely over with the crowd. I feel a face turn coming really soon. Real American's were working really well until Swagger tags himself in and Cesaro wasn't done in the ring. The two continue to tag in and argue about it. Cody then rolls Swagger up for the win. The Real Amrican's then attack Cody and Goldust until the tag team champions The Uso's come out and save them.

Winner's: The Rhodes Brothers

Match 4: Bray Wyatt vs Kofi Kingston

Bray shows a lot of power and even lands on his feet after changing mid air after going for a leg drop and Kofi moved out of the way. Kofi then attempts to use his fast and high flying moves. Bray puts an end to it when he picks Kofi up and sets him on the top rope to then push him off and to the outside. Kofi attempts to gain some control and has some until Bray catches him from mid air.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

The Shield do a promo with Kane in his office. Kane congraulates Seth and Roman on their win and then Dean on his title defence. Dean then says should he be worried about his match against Big Show. Kane then says he demands that they be ring side for his match.

Match 5: Nikki Bella (w/ Brie Bella) vs Tamina (w/ AJ Lee)

Nikki shows a lot of impovement. I'm impressed. Tamina lads a beautiful Chin Kick but Nikki kicks out. Brie and AJ start fighting out side the ring and Nikki performs her new finisher.

Winner: Nikki Bella

Match 6: Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

This was a good and even match with near falls from both. Had some great moves by both superstars. Finally Dolph Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Reene Young interviews Dolph Ziggler in the ring about his match and about WrestleMania because its WrestleMania season. Ziggler then puts himself in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

Who will be the next person in the Hall Of Fame? Carlos Colon

Bray Wyatt does a promo on John Cena and their match at WrestleMania.

Match 7: Big Show vs Kane (w/ The Shield)

Good match. I loved when Kane chokeslamed Big Show from the top rope and The Shield from the outside were very impressed. Kane then tells The Shield to get Big Show and attack. They get up on the ring and Kane then yells at Seth Rollins and as a result The Shield gets off the ring and refuses to help. Big Show then chokeslams Kane and pins him. Walking by the ring to go back threw the crowd Kane grabs Seth Rollins and attempts to chokeslam him only to get speared by Roman Reigns.

Winner: Big Show

TNA Impact 3/13/14

This show starts off with Lockdown's team of Bobby Roode (without Roode) walking in the back blaming him for their loss at Lockdown. They find Roode and start yelling at him telling him its his fault they lost. He then point's out to EC3 that it's Dixie's fault because of her "insureance policy" but since she is no longer there then the only person to blame is the said "insurance policy" Bully Ray. There is then a flashback of what when down that Sunday at Lockdown.

MVP then comes down to the ring to state his new policy for the show. MVP (Motivate. Validate. and Participate) The world champion Magnus then comes out and says that MVP in charge is a waste of time. MVP retaliates by saying "like your title reign?" Magnus then brings out his new associate Abyss. Abyss comes out with a new mask. MVP talks about how angry he is that Abyss interfeared in the match when he should of just stayed out of it. MVP then announces that Samoa Joe is still the #1 contender for Magnus' title. MVP then announces the first match of the night.

Match 1: Samoa Joe vs Abyss

Joe starts the match of quickly and showing his anger at Abyss for his part in the match at Lockdown. The match goes back and forth until Abyss gets control and then gets out of the ring and grabs "Janice" however, before Abyss can use the weapon Eric Young saves the day.

Winner: N/A

JB talks about waiting for someone to arrive only to be intruped by a returning ANGELINA LOVE.

Match 2: Brittany vs Gail Kim with (Lei'D Tapa)

Gail comes out with the early advatage until Brittany fights back for a second. Gail then grabs control back. Brittany then starts to gain control again until Lei'D Tapa interfears but doens't get DQed. Brittany then rolls Gail up for the win. Lei'D Tapa and Gail Kim then get into a fight.

Winner: Brittany

Bully Ray gets confronted by Rockstar Spud and then attacked by The Bromance, EC3 and Bobby Roode

Match 3: The Bromance vs Sanada & Tigre Uno

This match was very fast and very impressive. Sanada and Tigre Uno were all over the place.

Winners: Sanada & Tigre Uno

Madison Rayne talking to Velvet and brings up Angelina Love being back.
Bully Ray attacks The Bromance.
Samuel Shaw thanking Christy for being by his side and asks her to be ringside.
Willow sighting.
Rockstar Spud and EC3 are about to go out and have a "goodbye"/thank you Dixie message.
Samoa Joe talks to Eric Young. Joe says Eric needs to be careful with his interfearance of his match with Joe. Joe says he knows it was out of the goodness of his heart so he gets a free pass. Eric says he's sorry for crossing on his business but Abyss being the way he is was his fault. Eric then tells Joe that next week he has a re-match with Magnus and Abyss is going to be ring side but so is he. Eric Young is going to be chained to Abyss.
They have a  sevice for Dixie. (#ThankYouDixie) I don't quite know what to say Rockstar Spud and EC3 treat it like a funeral. I found it quite boring and I wanted to fast forward  threw it. MVP then comes out. MVP announces 2 matches. 1. Rockstar Spud vs Willow and then next week EC3 vs the returning Bobby Lashley

JB talks to EC3 as he comes back. EC3 talks about how he's going to do to Lashley what he did to Kurt Angle. Bully Ray then attacks him.

Match 4: Samual Shaw vs Ken Anderson

So its revealed that when the backstage camera caught Sameual Shaw asking Chisty to be at ring side for his match he was talking to half a manaquen (not spelled correctly I know.) This is a street fight match and starts outside of the ring. Shaw doens't even let Anderson do his entrence. Threw the entire match the crowd is chanting "Creepy Bastard." Anderson gets the win after using the fake Christy doll, acting like he was going to hit it and kiss it.

Winner: Anderson

Angelina Love says that she is back for a "very special someone."
There is another package for Willow and then a video package for a returing Kenny King.

She's back.....Angelina Love comes out to the ring. She calls out Velvet Sky to reunite The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky). Velvet says she needs time to think about it.

Match 5: Rockstar Spud vs Willow

Taz says that Willow is the more aggressive side and alter-ego of Jeff Hardy. Willow has ccontrol of the match the whole time only to be DQed because he brought hos umbrella in the ring. He the uses the Twist of Fate on the ref and then gets a laddar out from under the ring. Willow then puts Rockstar Spud's leg in between a chair and stomps on it a few times, he then goes to the top of the laddar and lets himself fall off and onto Rockstar Spud.

Winner: Rockstar Spud by DQ

Bully Ray comes out as Willow is going up the ramp. They have a small stare down until they pass eachother. Bully Ray calls out Bobby Roode and they have have a brawl. Bully powebombs Roode threw a table.

End of show.

Monday, March 17, 2014

WWE NXT - 13th March 2014

I must admit, I was slightly disappointed with NXT this past week. Usually there's one stand out part of the show down in Florida, but this past week there wasn't anything that like that. It was just a wrestling show. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a terrible show, but it just didn't do much for me, if that makes sense? Also, quick not for those unaware, Tensai has changed his name and is now known as Jason Albert and was on commentary with Alex Riley and Tom Phillips.

The opening match of the night was between the NXT Women's Champion, Paige and Sasha Banks of the BFF's. Of course, Charlotte was ringside for the match with her picture of Summer Rae on a stick. Sasha took exception to the fact that Paige now has merchandise and she doesn't. Aww, don't be like that Sasha. You've still got your necklace which says "BOSS" on it. I'm sure everyone wants to buy that...Right?

The match itself was pretty decent. Every time I see Sasha in the ring I get more and more impressed with her and it just constantly makes me wonder why we're stuck with the lacklustre talent in the WWE Diva's division when there's so much talent down in NXT. I know I rant about this a lot, but it really does annoy me to see girls like Eva Marie, who can barely lace up her boots, on the main roster when you've got girls like Paige and Sasha Banks who could out wrestle a lot of men in the WWE with ease. And that's not intended as a derogatory comment towards the women, or the men for that matter, that's just a fact that these two are phenomenal athletic wrestlers.

Paige won this one as you may well expect. She locked in her new submission move, the Scorpion Cross Lock, and Sasha had no alternative but to tap out. Just as she was about to retrieve her NXT Women's Championship from Brandi Runnels, she was attacked by Charlotte from behind. The assault didn't last too long though. Former WWE Diva's Champion Natalya came out to aide Paige and the two second generation women stood tall in the ring to end the segment.

The next match is a tag team match between the NXT Tag Team Champions, The Ascension and their opponents Travis Tyler and Cal Bishop. Again, two nobodies for the NXT Tag Team Champions to face. As per usual, The Ascension won with the Fall of Man, this time, Travis Tyler took the shot and the pin fall. Nothing more than a squash match here and, quite honestly, I'm bored of seeing this from The Ascension. We saw it far too often before they became Champions and we're seeing it now that they are.

Tom Phillips, as much as I think he's a very good commentator, pissed me off when he asked Albert which tag team he thought could de-throne The Ascension. Albert stumbled on his words and Alex Riley kind of saved it when he said "nobody". Simply because there is no tag division in NXT aside from The Ascension and Colin Cassidy and Enzo Amore. However, the latter of those two have been out of commission as a team for a while now since Enzo broke his leg. It's something else I keep saying, but they really do need to find more tag teams or make new tag teams for NXT.

Tag wrestling used to be fun back when I was a kid and we had teams like Edge and Christian, The Dudleyz, The Hardyz, New Age Outlaws and Too Cool. Now who do we have? The Outlaws are still around, The Uso's, The Real American's (who, let's face it, are about to break up), The Wyatt's, The Shield (again, they're about to break up) and The Ascension. The sooner WWE does something to revamp or restructure their tag team division, the better, and it needs to start from the bottom by bringing in or, putting together new teams. They didn't sign The American Wolves and that was a mistake in my opinion and now we're left with nothing more than overall mediocrity in the tag division.

Anyway, now that little rant is over, our next match is between Mason Ryan and Wesley Blake. Rene Young was on commentary for this and, she annoys me. She can't call a match and she detracts the attention so much from the ring by waffling on about the biggest load of shit possible. Seriously, just have this woman doing what she does best: Looking pretty backstage interviewing because she cannot commentate whatsoever. Mason won what was again a relatively short match with his Cobra Clutch Slam.

Backstage we have the lovely Devin Taylor. In fact, I'm just going to go back for a moment and retract my comment about Rene Young being backstage interviewing, I'd rather have Devin Taylor any day. Devin has Bayley with her and asks her what it's like to be on the WWE Network. Bayley isn't paying attention as she's on her iPad. She tells Devin that she's loving the WWE Network and that she's all over it every Thursday and she's currently watching a Bret Hart match. Step forward the BFF's who aren't too keen on young Bayley.

Sasha says how Bayley is a loser, just like Bret and Charlotte tells Sasha how eventually Bayley will be on the streets, homeless. Sasha has her Summer Rae cut out which Bayley takes off of her and asks the cut out why she's not here with her BFF's tonight. Bayley mocks a Summer Voice, terribly might I add, and says that she's not there with them because they're "ugly and they smell like cheese". Cheese? I like cheese, personally. Bayley then rips Summer's voice off again by saying that if Bayley were to wrestle Sasha, she would win.

Sasha snatches the cut out back and tells Bayley that they can settle their issues now if Bayley wants to. Natalya steps in to even the numbers out and says that she likes their Summer Rae cut out. Charlotte mocks Nattie by saying she wants to give her a hug and calls her "Nattie, the Diva's Champion...from 100 years ago". To be fair, for someone over the age of 100, she's pretty hot! Also, that must make Charlotte's dad about 204 years old right? Nattie remembers the last time Nattie and Charlotte saw each other at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony last year and she talks about how Bret told stories on past times. Her favourite was when Bret defeated Ric Flair in 1992 to become the WWE champion and Flair left the company shortly after.

Not a great segment really. As much as the four of them are all very, very good wrestlers, they're not so great when it comes to promo's. I think that a few lessons down in the Performance Centre would benefit them all. Hell, they could take tips from some of the better talkers as well. There are some fantastic mic workers in NXT that could perhaps pass on some pointers. I'm talking about people like Enzo Amore, who's one of the best in WWE, Aiden English, Corey Graves, Sami Zayn and Sylvester LeFort. All of these guys could be useful to help out the guys and girls who aren't so good on the mic.

The next scheduled match is between Alexander Rusev and Xavier Woods. Woods comes out first and he's followed by Tyler Breeze. Breeze says that, although he realises he and Woods aren't friends, he's asking him for a favour. That favour is to let him face Alexander Rusev tonight after what happened at NXT ArRival when Rusev took out both Breeze and Woods. Before Woods can give a reply, Rusev makes his entrance and as he's walking down the ramp, Tyler attacks Xavier from behind and left the ring as Rusev made his way in, and as much as Rusev didn't need the assist, it helped and he beat Woods with relative ease in yet another squash match with The Accolade.

That's something that's become far too common in NXT since ArRival. Too many squash matches. I think all but the main event for this and last week as well as this weeks Diva's match have pretty much been squash matches, and it's not good. ArRival was one of the best shows WWE has put out in the last five years and they've not built on that success since that night. I just hope that this doesn't become too much of a common feature over the next few weeks because it's pretty boring to see it.

Anyway, on to this weeks main event and it's between the number one contender for the NXT Championship, Bo Dallas and "The Big Bambino" Colin Cassidy. I actually enjoyed the match in all honesty. A lot of people might be a bit astounded by the fact that I've enjoyed Bo's work recently but it's simply because he's using more of an aggressive style in the ring. The sooner he brings that out into his character more the better really because I'm not a fan of the happy-go-lucky smiling and "Bo-Lieving" shit. It's almost like WWE's version of Beliebing. By the way, that is the first and ONLY time you will read a Justin Bieber reference on my blogs.

As for Big Cass. Well, he's a Certified G that can sing and has a sense of humour. The Big Bambino can certainly wrestle a decent match, too and this match is evidence that he can hang with the biggest names in NXT. Sadly, this is probably nothing more than a one off main event for him and it was good that he got a chance to show some of the things he's capable of. He's very quick on his feet for a guy who's almost seven feet tall to be fair to him and I think that ability will only bring success.

As I said, I enjoyed the match. Cassidy started out the stronger of the two before Bo took over for a large portion of the match and we then had the fightback towards the end from Big Cass. Sadly though, the Certified G couldn't get over the finishing line. With Bo trying to escape the ring underneath the ropes, Big Cass went after him. Bo worked like a veteran here and pulled back the middle rope and let it go so it went into the face, perhaps the eye, of Cassidy, who stumbled into the middle of the ring. Cass then got caught with a boot to the side of the head and Dallas levelled him with a Double Underhook DDT to pick up the win.

This match kind of reminded me of a main event from Sunday Night Heat from around 2004. A main eventer, or higher mid card guy, taking on a worthy opponent but not quite at the same level as he is. The "underdog" in the match taking the early advantage, the "favourite" taking control after a few minutes and then the "underdog" taking over again towards the end before losing. That's not a bad thing because it was kind of refreshing to see that on NXT, especially after all of the short matches we had on this episode to go with the ones from last weeks show.

Anyway, that's me done here people. Make sure you like the blog, like the page, leave any comments positive, negative, anything either below or tweet them to me @AxelMulligan on Twitter. I love talking about wrestling whether it's WWE, WCW, ECW, WCCW, AWA or SMW. Also, I'm starting to get more into the indie scene as well, so I'm open to talking about companies like CZW and ICW as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you've enjoyed it.