Tuesday, July 29, 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW Results for July 28th, 2014

The show in Houston, Texas starts with John Cena entering the ring. He's not very enthusiastic, since he now knows he has to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, and knows Brock will probably crush him. Cena refuses to give up, and if he was able to beat him at Extreme Rules in 2012, he'll be able to do it again. Paul Heyman shows up, and states that Lesnar will win at SummerSlam after plowing Cena into oblivion. Cena says that he shares the same passion for wrestling as Heyman, unlike Lesnar, and plans to walk away with the title. All of a sudden, Cesaro shows up, and even though they went their separate ways, he defends Heyman's honor and challenges Cena to a match after making fun of him, saying that Cena is a "walking billboard" that can't wrestle and making fun of his sneakers. Cena accepts that challenge, and he accepts it right now.

John Cena beats Cesaro.

Stephanie McMahon is distraught after the events of last week, and says "this" must work, whatever "this" is. Randy Orton confronts Triple H and wants to be in the SummerSlam main event, but Triple H refuses, saying Roman Reigns is in the way. He tells Orton to finish Reigns off if he wants a title shot, but Reigns is in a match with Kane tonight. Orton says he has a problem with Roman Reigns and Kane - and Triple H - upon hearing this.

Paige shows up. She still considers AJ Lee her best friend despite her actions from last week, when she saw her as a threat. AJ Lee shows up, and says she knows Paige did what she did out of spite, and if she wanted to talk crap to her, she'd do it to her face. Paige calls AJ "crazy." AJ forgives her, then she beats Paige up!

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon show up. Triple H says he's never been as ticked off as he was last week, when the WWE Universe considered it funny (according to him) that Stephanie was arrested and hauled off to jail. Nevertheless, Triple H says the arrest was just a misunderstanding. All charges from Brie Bella have been dropped except for the assault and battery charges, and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon now want to reconcile. Stephanie asks Brie to come out, but she and Triple H get Chris Jericho instead. Jericho gives Stephanie her sympathies by singing Bad Boys" by Inner Circle. He continues to make fun of Triple H and Stephanie, even calling Stephanie a "trash bag, bottom-feeding ho." Triple H tells Jericho to focus on Bray Wyatt, and Jericho responds by saying he wants Wyatt tonight. Triple H makes him wait until SummerSlam, but puts Jericho in a match against...Seth Rollins, who attacks Chris Jericho from behind with the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Dolph Ziggler and The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) beat The Miz and Rybaxel (Curtis Axel and Ryback). In the middle of the match, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E watch from ringside.

R-Truth gives Bo Dallas his first loss ever on the main roster after a 17-match win streak. After the match, Bo Dallas congratulates R-Truth only to go completely ballistic and beat him up!

Lana and Rusev make fun of America as well as George W. Bush until Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter show up to defend the American flag. Jack Swagger and Rusev soon go at it, and Swagger soon comes out on top.

Damien Sandow shows up dressed as a NASA astronaut as he makes fun of Adam Rose and his Exotic Express Rosebuds.

Adam Rose beats Damien Sandow in a matter of seconds.

Dean Ambrose takes on Alberto Del Rio tomorrow on Main Event on WWE Network!

Randy Orton attacks Roman Reigns in the crowd as Reigns heads to the ring to face Kane. Kane eventually walks away to leave a downed Reigns with Orton, who proceeds to finish him off.

Diego beats Fandango thanks to the distraction by Summer Rae, Layla and El Torito. After the match, El Torito Gores Fandango!

Stephanie McMahon meets Nikki Bella, who tells her that her sister Brie Bella will arrive shortly and that Stephanie had better be ready to eat humble pie.

Goldust and Stardust figure out that they have the Cosmic Key.

Naomi and Natalya beat Cameron and Alicia Fox by submission.

Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins ends with a surprise attack by The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan).

Chris Jericho takes on Erick Rowan this Friday on SmackDown!

Stephanie McMahon shows up. As she speaks, Brie Bella shows up. Stephanie asks Brie to drop all the charges against her, but Brie isn't buying it. Stephanie wants to give Nikki a raise, but Brie wants some demands met. One is her job back. The other is a match against Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam, which tears Stephanie apart and makes her very, very reluctant to agree to her demands. She agrees tearfully, but then she slaps Brie and tells her at SummerSlam, she's going to be her bitch. This starts a brawl between Brie and Stephanie that road agents and Triple H have to break up.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ring of Honor Wrestling Results for 7/5/14-7/26/14

Episode 1 (July 5th, 2014)
This episode features recap matches from ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds!
  1. ROH World Television Championship: Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini) defeated KUSHIDA to retain
  2. Six Man Tag Team Match: ACH, Matt Taven & Tommaso Ciampa defeated Taakai Wantanabe & The Forever Hooligans (Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero)
  3. ROH World Tag Team Championship: reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) defeated IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)(c) to win the titles

Episode 2 (July 12th, 2014)
This episode features more recaps from ROH & New Japan's SuperShows: Global Wars and War of the Worlds!
  1. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jushin "Thunder" Liger defeated Jado & Shinsuke Nakamura
  2. The Bullet Club (IWGP Champion A.J. Styles & IWGP Tag Team Champion Karl Anderson defeated CHAOS (Kazuchika Okada & Gedo)
  3. Three Way Match for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)(c) defeated The Forever Hooligans (Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero) and The Time Splitters (KUSHIDA & Alex Shelley) to retain

Episode 3 (July 19th, 2014)
This episode features a recap for ROH's Best in the World pay-per-view!
  1. War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) defeated The Tate Twins
  2. Adam Page (w/ B.J. Whitmer) defeated The Romatic Touch (Uh, Rhett Titus, anyone?)
  3. Submission Match: Cedric Alexander defeated Roderick Strong
  4. ROH World Television Championship: Jay Lethal (w/ Truth Martini & Seleziya Sparx)(c) defeated Matt Taven to retain
Episode 4 (July 26th, 2014)
This episode features a Four Corner Survival Match for #1 Contenders spot for the ROH World Tag Team Championship and the debut of Moose!
  1. ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) defeated Monster Mafia (Ethan Gabriel Owens & Joshua Owens)
  2. Moose defeated Hakim Zane
  3. Four Corner Survival/Tag Team Title #1 Contenders Match: Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels defeated The Briscoes (Mark & Jay), War Machine (Hanson & Rowe), and The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs & Roderick Strong)(w/ Adam Page & Ta'Darius Thomas)

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results for July 25th, 2014

The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) beat Rybaxel (Curtis Axel and Ryback) when Jimmy Uso reverse a pin from Curtis Axel despite not being the legal man.

It's Miz TV time! After bragging about becoming the new Intercontinental Champion, The Miz gives his acceptance speech, where he thanks everyone but the fans. He even interviews his mom, who says her favorite WWE Superstar is Roman Reigns. All of a sudden, Bo Dallas shows up. He says it's okay he wasn't thanked by name, because Miz won the title because he Bo-lieved. Miz sings his praises for Bo, then Dolph Ziggler shows up and tells them they're both full of crap. He goes after both of them, but Ziggler falls from a cheap shot from Bo Dallas.

The Miz guests on commentary for the next, impromptu match.

Bo Dallas beats Dolph Ziggler after a distraction by The Miz, whom Ziggler hit in the "moneymaker" during the match. After the match, Ziggler kicks Bo in the face during his victory lap, and Miz smacks Ziggler face first into the steel post.

Renee Young interviews Roman Reigns. He stopped Plan A on Monday night, and now he faces Alberto Del Rio. Reigns plans to take him down tonight.

Dean Ambrose beats Cesaro in a no-disqualification match, despite interference by Seth Rollins. After the match, Seth Rollins and Cesaro attack Ambrose.

Paige beats Naomi with the PTO after Cameron shows up, proving the necessary distraction. Cameron attacks Naomi after the match.

Goldust and Stardust talk about the Cosmic Key again.

Bray Wyatt beats R-Truth. After the match, Wyatt taunts Chris Jericho, saying he is no savior.

Roman Reigns beats Alberto Del Rio.

Generation NXT: NXT Wrestling Results for July 24th, 2014

NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension (Vicktor & Konnor), who have now held the tag titles for 295 days, defeat two local competitors to start the show.

Tyler Breeze defeated Mojo Rawley.

Charlotte defeated Summer Rae to retain the NXT Women's Championship!

Kallisto and his new tag team partner (?) Sin Cara defeated The Vaudevillians (Aiden English & Simon Gotch).

NXT Champion Adrian Neville defeated Rusev via disqualification due to interference from the #1 contender Tyler Breeze. Rusev then applies The Accolade to end the show.

Come As You Are: WWE Superstars Results for July 24th, 2014

Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth via Submission.

Adam Rose defeated Heath Slater.

Impact Wrestling Results for July 24th, 2014

Bobby Roode beats MVP with the Sharpshooter in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Dixie Carter is here to support Ethan Carter III in his match tonight. As for Bully, she swears he's never putting her through a table...and that she'll be standing over his dead body.

Jeff Hardy shows up. He says we haven't seen the last of Willow, but for now he's Jeff Hardy. Tonight, he's brought someone who will shape TNA's future...and that someone is his brother Matt Hardy, who returns to TNA for the first time in about three years. Matt shows up to a "Welcome Back!" chant from the audience. He says he had to step away and get better physically, mentally and emotionally, and feels he let his brother and the fans down. It's time for The Hardys to become tag champs one more time at Destination X, and Matt calls out The Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards). The Wolves show up, and say they have nothing but respect for them, and accept their challenge for the tag team titles at Destination X.

Austin Aries says he's made his decision...but he plans to change the equation...

The Bro Mans (Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, DJ Z) show up. Jessie announces that Robbie is no longer afraid of clowns. DJ Z says Destination X will be his chance to shine. Suddenly, Low Ki shows up! He's back!

Low Ki beats DJ Z.

Gunner and Samuel Shaw talk in the back until Mr. Anderson arrives. Mr. Anderson and Gunner have a match tonight. Shaw knows Anderson doesn't trust him yet, but someday he will.

Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud and Rhino meet Dixie Carter and King Mo. King Mo didn't take out Quentin "Rampage" Jackson, and Dixie tells them not to make the same mistake as Mo.

Bram and Magnus beat Mr. Anderson and Gunner. The winners continue to go on the attack, but Samuel Shaw shows up and takes the steel turnbuckle shot for Gunner. Nevertheless, Bram and Magnus continue until Abyss shows up and takes Bram out!

Bully Ray, Devon and Tommy Dreamer are ready for their New York Street Fight tonight...and Bully wants to put Dixie Carter through a table badly!

Kurt Angle shows up. He calls out Austin Aries, who shows up. Before he can say or do much of anything, Lashley and MVP show up. MVP warns Aries not to cash in the X Division title or else Lashley will destroy him. Aries tells him to shove it, and after saying he's not afraid of Lashley, cashes in the X Division title. He also says that when he beats Lashley, he's going to create Option D, which allows him to be a fighting champion and allows the X Division title cash-in to happen anytime, not just once a year around Destination X time. Kurt Angle then makes the match between Aries and Lashley official for Destination X.

Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell for the Knockouts title ends when The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) attack both competitors!

Dixie Carter has a mystery man involved in the New York Street Fight, it seems...

The Great Muta shows up, but Robbie E complains about Muta getting a grand entrance and wants a match now. He gets one, alright: Robbie quickly gets the Green Mist and Muta gets the victory. Suddenly, James Storm shows up and calls Muta a "fraud" who is trying to relive his glory years. He spits beer in his face and beats him up. Sanada shows up with a steel chair to make the save for Muta...or so we think, as Muta smashes the chair into Muta's back and spits Red Mist into a Wrestle-1 worker's face. Sanada effectively turns heel to ally with James Storm.

Jeremy Borash interviews Dixie Carter and King Mo. Dixie wins about Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray and making the match. King Mo almost looks like he's about ready to maim Jeremy Borash.

Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud and Rhyno beat Tommy Dreamer and Team 3D (Bully Ray and Devon) in a Street Fight after the interference of two men: Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky! Dixie's goons proceed to demolish Bully Ray!

Tuesday Night Main Event Results for July 22nd, 2014

Seth Rollins beats Fandango.

Ryback beats Jey Uso.

Renee Young interviews Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil. Even though they're officially a unit, they just can't seem to get along.

Roman Reigns takes on Alberto Del Rio this Friday on SmackDown!

Big E and Kofi Kingston beat Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil.

Renee Young interviews Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. It's a new day and a new battle, and Colter and Swagger plan to get revenge against Rusev and Lana tonight.

Renee Young interviews Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater again. Titus considers Slater "dead weight" and walks away. Slater continues to look on the bright side, and continues to give "Slater Gator" a chance.

Dean Ambrose takes on Cesaro in a no-disqualification match this Friday on SmackDown!

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger ends with Rusev whacking Swagger in the gut with a flagpole. Swagger manages to strike back and stand tall in the center of the ring to end the show.